... in the sky, away from the world
The hotel consists of an open structure surrounding a central square, with a series of terraced twin rooms, cabins and houses, recreating a typical Andean hamlet. Each room is decorated with a personal touch, combining handcrafts and paintings with local artists’ vanguard designs, which creates a unique ambiance.
La Comarca’s gardens accentuate the beauty of autochthonous flora, harmonizing with the intense green of adjoining alfalfa fields and the surrounding multicolor hills. A clear stream goes through the square, filling the area wit the murmuring sounds of water.
The services provided by the hotel are:
A Spa, a Gym, a Restaurant and a wine cellar.

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La Comarca - Rta. Nac. 52, Km. 3.8 (C.P. 4618) Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina - Tel.: (+54 0388) 4908098 / 4908001 y 4908013 - info@lacomarcahotel.com

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