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La Comarca, Hotel con Encanto is located at the beautiful town of Purmamarca, heart of the mythical Quebrada de Humauaca, declared “World Historical Heritage” by UNESCO. The town is just 50 Km. away from Jujuy and 120 Km away from the city of Salta.
The singular architecture of the hotel was inspired by the region’s landscape and the culture, harmonized with the privileged natural surroundings. Its warm rooms were built with local materials, such as cactus wood, stone, hand-lipped wood, quebracho, poplar wood, reed, and clay, in a modern and uncluttered style.

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La Comarca - Rta. Nac. 52, Km. 3.8 (C.P. 4618) Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina - Tel.: (+54 0388) 4908098 / 4908001 y 4908013 - info@lacomarcahotel.com

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